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  • The Innovation Accelerator is a incubation program created by Alcatel ONETOUCH and Paris & Co. Our goal is to help you develop your startup , while facilitating access to our ressources, contacts and our expertise in the information and communication technologies field.

    We seeks startups that offer innovative solutions in the following areas :


    Mobile technologies


    Mobile apps


    Connected devices


  • The ALCATEL ONETOUCH – Paris & Co ecosystem

    The ALCATEL ONETOUCH – Paris & Co ecosystem is a real development opportunity for your startup. Transforming your business into a viable company, and into an important actor of the French and the international innovation scene is our main objective.

    The partnership between ALCATEL ONETOUCH and Paris & Co will let you benefit from the advice and support from experts dedicated to your project.

    These specialists will be entrusted with startups with needs that best match their areas of expertise in order to optimize your company’s developement in the best possible way during the incubation period.

    Paris & Co organises regularly demo days involving experts from French and International groups. Workshops and courses also take place so your startup has the necessary tools to succeed.

  • Work in a unique environment

    Paris & Co’s several sites will host your office and offer ideal work conditions. Evolve in a dynamic, stimulating and modern environment with dozens of innovating startups at your side.


    ALCATEL ONETOUCH covers many events each year. MWC Barcelona, IFA Berlin, CES Las Vegas, DroidCons…As many events as opportunities for your startups to meet other innovative businesses, new partners or investors. Join Le Project to offer an international visibility to your startup and to have the opportunity to co-develop a product/service with an international group.

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 Infos et Chiffres


    #5Worldwide manufacturer

    55 M.Units sold in 2013

    +30%Sales in volume
    160Numbers of countries covered
    20Years experience

    A wide range of products :

    access_obj_connectésConnected Devices and Accessories
    Featurephones_iconesFeature phones
  • Paris & Co, is…

    506Startups incubated
    4330Jobs created
    49 M.Private funds raised in 2013
    80%Startup survival rate
    404 M.euros – Startups turnover
    10000Offices, meeting rooms…

    Startups bought by


Color does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it.





    Demo days

    • Demos among 40 groups and investors
    • 3 times per year

    Pitch days

    • Pitch sessions in front of investors of all sectors
    • 3 times per year

    Startups meetups

    • Meetings and discussions between startups


    • Individual meetings with marketing, financial and legal experts
    • Once a month


    • Group training sessions on various topics

With Wezzoo, users can share local weather directly with the community, add photos and explore weather maps of the world.


Weenect develops and markets a GPS tracker that allows users to locate their child, dependent relative or pet in real time. The device is paired with an application and a website that allows users to set alerts and localize the tracker in real time.


The 3D Sound One headphones reproduce sound so that it seems to come from a specific location in space, thus offering an immersive experience to its users.


Funkybots’ apps use the latest technologies to promote fitness through dance and martial arts. Created by professional artists and dancers, they offer an interactive and fun experience.

Finding good players is easy.
Getting them to play as a team
is another story.


Finding good players is easy.
Getting them to play as a team is another story.


Our call for applications is currently closed. But your project could still interest us!



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